The Grey Knit


Finally the weather has changed and I’m shopping for cosy knits. This lace up dream is from Primark!! I know can you believe a knit like this is only a Primark number? I am not one for braving the Primark crowds but I popped in there and found this knit in cream and was about to pick it up then I saw the queue and made a quick escape!. When I got home I was still thinking about the knit and immediately regretted not getting it. I even moaned at two of my friend about it.  The next day my sweet friend came over to my house with the it in hand in this beaut grey colour which I like more then the cream. I owe her big for getting this for me. I am wearing a large so I can wear it off the shoulder.

My Jeans are Topshop I love the lace up details on them. They just give a black jean a cool new twist, they also look great with strappy heels and a plane tee which I have also been wearing this week.

Jeans Topshop

Boots Topshop

Knit Primark 



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