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When Reserved asked me to collaborate with them on there Re-Design collection it was a 100% yes from me.

If you haven’t heard of Reserved yet don’t worry they are new brand.

With there store a 3 minute walk from my work on Oxford Circus I’m in there a lot of the time. It’s quickly become one of my favourite high street store.






Rocking my best Sporty Spice!!  Tracksuit bottoms are back and I am actually really happy about it, wearing mine long and baggy with vans, a simple tee then laying with my teddy coat this is the perfect Sunday outfit for meeting friends for brunch or a day of shopping.



So many of you asked about my wedding day from back in September which feels like a million years ago. I’m going to keep it fashion and share my dress, shoes, flowers and location with you guys.

I wanted to start by saying if you’re planing a wedding now or have planned one already well done you. I found it so difficult and stressful, from picking the right flowers for the tables and trying to imagine the room with all my ideas in it.  Getting the seating plan right not mention the dress! Even the suits then you have to pick bridesmaids dresses that will need to flatter everyones body shape. So please do not feel bad if you didn’t or you’re not enjoying planning your big day.

My number one tip is don’t try to please everyone as long as you’re both happy with everything everyone should be happy for you. Even if you’re great great aunties next door neighbours best Friends brother didn’t get an invite so what! It’s your day! You invite who you want.


Me and my now hubby (hehe still makes me giggle when I call him that.) wanted a cosy rustic laid back venue with everything on site so that no-one has to travel after the ceremony.

Cooling castle barn was the first venue we looked at and we loved it soon as we laid eyes on it. The barn was beautiful and they were just setting up for a wedding that day. We put our names down on the long waiting list straight away. We spent a few weeks looking at more venues but nothing else compared to Cooling so we booked 15th September 2017 to be our big day.

As I said before we wanted a rustic feel but didn’t want it over rustic, guests weren’t going to be sitting on hay or anything. I called it rustic chic. We had vintage fairy lights wrapped around every beam in the barn. All of the table settings were white with tiny accents of gold. My table numbers were from hobby craft (I know! Can you believe it) I just sprayed them gold and I did the same with my cake topper.


The Dress

Picking my wedding dress was so hard as I’m so fussy and soooooo hard to please! I went to 12 yup thats right 12 bridal stores and nothing was right. I’m not a girly girl and I didn’t want a massive dress I wanted a chic simple dress with no bells or whistles.

I wanted to feel comfortable in my dress I wanted to be able to move freely. Girls don’t get caught up in the the whole wedding dress hype stick to what you like and your style.

The dress I went for was a Charlie Brear. As soon as I saw it I knew it was the ONE. I just  love the high neck and the low back, it’s so simple and elegant.

Because my dress was so simple I wanted a fun shoe so I went for the metallic Chloe lace-up mike sandals. Which I have since worn with jeans and a t-shirt.


I love fresh flowers. I love going to Columbia market and picking some for my house, so deciding on my flowers was so easy for me. I went for ballooned white roses with eucalyptus as my bouquet. My bridesmaids had cute balls of babies breath. And for the centrepieces I went for hydrangeas, eucalyptus and babies breath in different sized vases.

The top table was my favourite, I wanted hydrangeas and eucalyptus all the way along the table, it looked incredible just what I pictured in my head.


The Day

The day went so fast but I loved every minute of it. I wish we could do it all again. I have great memories of the day and I’m so happy I was able to share it with friends and family.

Photography Matt Wing


Velvet continues to capture our hearts with almost every store stocking the most beautiful suits, dresses and more. What is great about velvet is that it has that luxe feel but its so easy to dress down. Below I have linked my favourite Velvet looks for you to shop.